About our doormats – Background Information

pexels-photo-1122414.jpegBack in 2016, we noticed there was something just not there in the doormat market. We thought how we could make something so plain and simple become so fun and loved by the world, that’s when the brilliant idea of Artsy Doormats was born. 

Each one of our doormats comes from natural coconut husks grown in Southern India. We ensure all our partners comply towards local & international legal requirements and quality management standards to ensure each doormat has the best quality.

Our doormats are hand sprayed in the heart of Lancashire, England by our talented spray team. We use locally produced, custom high durability paints. The paints are carefully tested and trialled regularly to ensure every doormat is long lasting.

We have over 300 designs available, all individually designed by our team and based on trends around the world. Remember seeing that popular design ‘Come in if you have Prosecco’ everywhere? That was an original design made by us!

The most important thing about our doormats is that they are fun and unique. We guarantee you won’t find anything like it!


What materials we use – Just how are they really made?

coco-coir-lead-1280x720.jpgOur doormats are made fully with Coconut Husk made in tropical Kerala, South-western State in India. Kerala is the home of Indian coir industry. The process is performed by local skilled workers in the cottage industry.




The Process:

coconut-coir-fiber-coconut-husk-fiber.jpg-350x350.jpgThe coconut is de-husked by hand for the finest quality. Once the husk has been removed, it will be soaked in water for a period of time to encourage natural microbial growth. This will help remove the softer parts of the coconut, allowing only raw coir to remain.

Next comes spinning the fibre into fine yarn, then further twisting of that yarn to make the long and very strong coir strings that are loaded onto big handlooms ready for weaving. Spinning is often still done by hand.

The whole process is done by hand to ensure each one has its thickness and quality ready for us to get arty with them!


Our Paint

We have carried out number of trials and tests to ensure we get the paint just right. Our doormat paint is highly durable and long lasting.

We have ensured that the paint we use not only looks amazing but it doesn’t budge when you need to wipe those muddy prints. We have used this paint for many years and have had nothing but amazing feedback about how well it sticks and great it makes our designs look.

All doormats are sprayed by our talented team in our Lancashire warehouse to ensure they are amazing quality.

To ensure your doormat is kept beautiful we advise to use your doormat indoors or sheltered outdoors. This will help preserve the design you have chosen ready for lots of visits.


Why choose an Artsy Doormat?

20747689-807581072756735-2068514583-o.jpgWhen people think of a doormat, you think of something cheap, plain and simple just to put outside your front door to keep those muddy prints left outside.

However, Artsy Doormats bring the fun into just that. We don’t make plain old simple doormats, we ensure each one is creative, fun and cheerful.

The most important thing to us is to make your guests smile, laugh and cry (with laughter!) when they arrive at your door. A guaranteed conversation starter!

A doormat is a doormat but is yours an Artsy Doormat?