Go Grey With Your Doormat

Posted by Jessie on 10th May 2021

Go Grey With Your Doormat

Our grey collection has been around for sometime now, but that doesn't mean you've seen the extent of it or how a different shade can transform a simple doormat. We brought out a grey range as it is no secret that grey is a sought after shade in modern homes and the appeal of a subtle tone has grown. Take the everyday from frumpy to fantastic, entrances should be grand and exits should be memorable. When styling your doorway you might not have the floral, vibrant vision that some do. Our team see a variety of doormat areas everyday, which has lead to us creating a doormat to suit every individual.


Black is always going to be a go-to when it comes to doormats but that's because people aren't as aware of the variety of options that are out there, did you know we have over 200 options? We want our doormats to be perfect for your home.

Our grey designs are all hand sprayed in our Lancashire warehouse, ensuring the quality and opacity of the colour is always premium. Many of our most popular designs are available in grey, such as the 'Oh Hello' doormat and the 'Welcome Scribble' Doormat.

We are always looking for new design ideas, feel free to send us a message on one of our social media platforms. The more unique the better!

Our grey collection is available on our double doormats, regular and round. More stock is coming soon and we have new shapes on their way as well. Artsy Doormats is always ahead of the trends and we would love to help you find the ideal doormat for your home! Get in touch if you need any help choosing your pretty yet practical doormat.

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With love, Artsy Doormats x