Colourful Doormats and Logo!

Posted by Jessie on 4th Jun 2021

Colourful Doormats and Logo!

The heatwave has arrived! We are so ready for warm days and summer renovations. Have you been changing up your home and garden in preparation for summer get togethers?

The vast majority of our doormats are made of neutral coir fibres with added black or grey high quality paint for writing or images. However, did you know we also have a range of colourful options? We are always planning new designs and have noticed a growth in colourful doormat orders recently. 

Below we'll show you a couple of our colourful favourites, tap the images to find out more. A doormat can transform an area and add texture and colour to a dull space, our vinyl mats act as a flooring alternative as well. Vinyl floor mats are ideal for kitchens, protecting tiles and laminate floors - whilst adding different tones and shades.

A doormat does not have to be boring and only serve one purpose! Keep scrolling to see doormats with a difference. 

Colourful Floral Doormat
Our Colourful Floral Doormat is ideal for the spring/summer time and will bring a smile to anyone's face.

Photo credit: @littlehouseinlondon

Pink Lips Doormat
The Pink Lips Doormat is a trendy must have, especially if you have a pink door like pictured below. Strong combination!

Photo credit: @thestarwhisperer

Which one is your favourite? It's not just our doormats that are colourful, our logo has changed to support Pride Month. Did you know that the Pride flag was created by artist and designer, Gilbert Baker? The stripes were inspired by the American flag and the rainbow reflects the groups within the LGBTQIA community. 

Artsy is sending you love, always! We hope you can be apart of some pride celebrations this month. Are you planning a Pride doorway display? An Artsy Doormat could be incorporated into it, don't forget to use our hashtag #artsydoormats.

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